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There have been two individuals from the Jamesport-South Jamesport Civic Association who put in resumes for the vacancies on both the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Town Planning Board. To-date there has been no response or acknowledgement from Town Hall.

With regard to the Planning Board, the Town Board is calling for a "farmer" to be the new addition - and yet there sits Dick O'Dea, a local farmer from Herricks Lane.

As usual there was no public notice nor are there any qualifications detailed for the vacancies on these two land use and management boards.

On another note, the vacancy on the Recreation Committee was filled with no public announcement. While the work of George Gabrielson is not in question, it seems that rather than recycling individuals, we provide an opportunity for all interested and qualified persons to apply.
There are several Town committees that need "new blood".  Unfortunately there is no payment for participation. Interested individuals may wish to consider the Architectural Review Board {ARB}; the Conservation Advisory Council [CAC] which by the way has not made any new appointments even though the terms of ALL members expired in 2013; and the many others listed in next column.  In essence there is probably an available seat in each and every one.

Town committees:

Ag Advisory
Anti Bias Task Force [ looking for more members]
Animal Control Advisory Committee
Anti-Litter Advisory Committee
Board of Assessment Review
East Creek Advisory Committee
Farmland Preservation
Handicapped Advisory
Open Space
Senior Citizen Advisory Council
Small Business Advisory Council
Traffic and Safety Committee
Veterans Advisory Committee
Youth Advisory Committee

If you would like to become involved, prepare a letter of interest for the committee of your choice, attach it to your resume, and file one copy with the Town clerk, and copy one to the Supervisor and four to the Town Board members.

You can e-mail, hand deliver, or snail-mail it:

Town Clerk:         
Diane Wilhelm, wilhelm@townofriverheadny.gov

Town Supervisor:     

Sean Walter, lewis@townofriverheadny.gov 

(Mr. Walter’s deputy, Jill Lewis)

Town Board:           

James Wooten, wooten@townofriverheadny.gov
Jodi Giglio, giglio@townofriverheadny.gov

John Dunleavy, dunleavy@townofriverheadny.gov

Tim Hubbard, hubbard@townofriverheadny.gov

Town Hall
200 Howell Avenue
Riverhead, NY  11901