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Case Study: Past Action

UPDATE: In April 2015, URT withdrew its application to expand the Northville facility’s operations.

United Riverhead Terminal Opposition 

What we advocated: RESCIND Resolution 685

We didn't believe that the Town should give a special permit to allow this gas terminal to morph into a larger and more dangerous operation on residentially zoned land, unless a full and honest environmental review found the negative impacts negligible and/or mitigable AND the positive impacts for Riverhead substantial.

At that time, the Town Board deemed this proposal did not have enough potential impact to warrant a full environmental review (a few-page form, that contained numerous misstatements/omissions was good enough for them). We wanted the Town Board to pass a resolution to RESCIND Resolution 685, which adopted a Negative Declaration for this project thus avoiding a thorough study of impacts AND to pass another resolution to adopt a Positive Declaration to require more study before even considering this expansion!

Our course of action: MOTIVATE residents to speak out on this critical issue effectively

1. ACT NOW: SIGN THIS PETITION to stop the Terminal Expansion. You can also DONATE from this website.

2. ACT LATER: Come to the Tuesday December 16 public hearing at Riverhead Town Hall (250 Howell Avenue) at 7:00 pm. Stand up and say something or just be there to clap in support of others who speak. Ask for them to rescind Resolution 685 containing the “neg dec” and immediately put forth and pass a resolution with a “pos dec.” Get tips for participating in Town Board hearings.

3.  SPEAK OUT: There are many ways to make sure your voice is heard.  

4. TALK: to your friends, neighbors and local officials about the issues.

5. COME TO A MEETING AT TOWN HALL: Address the board from the podium or simply attend and demonstrate your support for others who speak.

6. PARTICIPATE IN OR START: letter writing campaigns. Feel free to make changes to reflect your personal thoughts and don't forget to sign your e-mail or letter with your name and address.

7. JOIN US: Make it official. Go to the Join page to sign up for RNPC membership.

8. DONATE: Visit the Donate page to learn more about where your money will go and how to donate.