Second Hearing  for the Proposed Retail Wine Shop and Tasting Room in the Rural Corridor Zone in Jamesport

Thursday 3/23/17 at 7PM at Town Hall

Residents stated their strong opposition to the proposed retail Wine Shop and Tasting Room at the first public hearing two weeks ago at Town Hall. Retail stores are not permitted under Rural Corridor Zoning. In addition, a Wine Tasting Room is an accessory use and is only permitted under RLC zoning when there is a vineyard growing the grapes and producing the wine that is being served in the Tasting Room.  

Dayna Corlito, President of DC Industries II LLC has applied to the Town of Riverhead Zoning Board of Appeals to request a use variance for the small 1.3 acre property with a house and barn (photo above) located at 1146 Main Road at Tuthill Lane in Jamesport. The owner is proposing a change of use to a retail wine shop in the house with an accessory tasting room in the barn. Hours of operation would run from 12:00PM-10:00PM. The property owner claims, "This use would ...benefit the surrounding farms and businesses."

The prevailing businesses of the North Fork are vineyards and yet another tasting room plus a retail wine shop would only bring unwanted competition to the five vineyards in the immediate area. These legacy vineyards have built up the reputation of the North Fork and the area's wines through their owners' years of investment and hard work. The DC Industries site at the corner of Main Road and Tuthill Lane is a small 1.3 acre property with a house and barn.  

The residents of the surrounding area have indicated by collecting numerous pages of petitions that they are strongly in favor of preserving the Rural Corridor (RLC) zoning. If this variance were granted, many developers would file motions to change the Rural Corridor (RLC) zoning on the Main Road to Hamlet Center (HC). The HC zoning would enable development similar to Route 58's big box stores. Major commercial development on the North Fork Main Road would have a significant environmental impact on the surrounding neighborhoods at great cost to the homeowners, farms and vineyards.

Consider signing the petition (click here) to keep the Rural Corridor in place on the Main Road  that keeps commercial expansion in check and let DC Industries know that you will not support or patronize the proposed Wine Shop and Tasting Room.

Come to the second hearing at the Zoning Board meeting at 7pm at Town Hall on March 23, 2017 and voice your opinion.

An Incentive for Restoration for Historic

Buildings and Sites in the RLC Zone

Historic buildings and sites in the RLC zone will be offered an incentive for restoration in an effort by the Landmark Commission to preserve the Main Road's historical heritage from Route 105 to the Southold border.

A public hearing will be held before the Town Board on the 7th day of February, 2017 at 2:20 PM to amend the Rural Corridor (RLC) Zoning Use District Special Permit uses.

Special permits may be obtained by owners who wish to enlarge their existing buildings for use as professional offices of attorneys, architects, medical doctors or dentists, as wellness facilities or as general offices provided that the property conforms to the following:

  • Such property must be designated as a landmark pursuant to Article III of Chapter 241 of the Town Code of the Town of Riverhead or be property that is located in and contributes to the character of a designated historic district, created pursuant to Article III of Chapter 241 of the Town Code of the Town of Riverhead.
  • The existing historic structure must be preserved and restored following guidelines and review standards established in Article IV of Chapter 241 of the Town Code of the Town of Riverhead.
  • Any additions thereto must meet guidelines and review standards established in Article III of Chapter 241 of the Town Code of the Town of Riverhead.
  • Additions to and alteration and rehabilitation of exteriors are approved by the Town’s Landmarks Preservation Commission prior to commencement of work.
  • The floor area of additions shall not exceed 100% of the floor area of the existing structure or 3,000 square feet, whichever is less.
  • The lot coverage of additions shall not exceed the total lot coverage allowed for this zone.
  • The property has frontage along New York State Route 25 between Route 105 and the Town boundary with the Town of Southold.

A New Law Provides Tax Breaks for the

Properties within Historical Districts

If your house is a Town landmark, or is a property that contributes to the character of a designated Historic District, you can apply for a tax exemption if you’re doing an historic restoration. The exemption from taxation applies to any increase in your property's value attributable to the alteration or restoration for the first 5 years. Then the percentage of tax exemption decreases 20% yearly for the next 5 years.

For more information, click here.

URT and Fuel Cell Project  

URT and Fuel Cell Project

3/8/17 UPDATE: Town of Riverhead Zoning Board has denied URT's application for a fuel cell installation

A proposal from Fuel Cell Technology calls for a 1.4 MW fuel cell plant to be installed adjacent to Sound Shore Road at United Riverhead Terminal with the electricity going to PSEGLI, waste heat going to heat tanks at URT, and air emissions and wastewater to be discharged on site. The Northville Beach Civic Association and RNPC has opposed this project. 

An application for the fuel cell plant was submitted to the Zoning Board by United Riverhead Terminal for an expansion of the non-conforming use. The proposed fuel energy cell would discharge waste water into the aquifer, would use 6,480 gallons of water each day, and would require new high voltage transmission lines to be constructed.

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