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If you care about the rural nature of Riverhead and the quality of life we derive from it then consider donating to an organization dedicated to preserving these precious commodities in an area under heavy development pressure.

Your donations to the RNPC will pay for:

  • Printing, copying and mailing newsletters, direct mail campaigns and other communications.

  • Costs associated with litigation including those for legal services, reproduction and filing fees.

  • Expert advice from land use consultants, lawyers and others.

  • Fees for acquiring documents and maps from local government agencies.

  • Costs associated with RNPC and partner events and meetings.

If you would like to send a check, please make it payable to:

P.O. Box 413
Jamesport, NY 11947


The RNPC is stronger with every member. Won’t you join us?

The truth is: we simply cannot rely on our government, and the zoning and code that’s on the books, to protect the broader community’s interest when it comes to local land use. So if you care about maintaining rural Riverhead then consider becoming an RNPC member.  

Member benefits include email blasts on issues, decisions and events; quarterly newsletters; and participating in an organization that advocates for YOUR interests.

Simply print and fill out the Riverhead Neighborhood Preservation Coalition Signup Sheet and send in your $15 dues check to join our growing community. The RNPC assesses $15 dues per household so multiple members of the same household can sign up at no extra charge. Organizational dues are $50 per year and cover all officers.

To qualify for membership you must live (at least part time) in Riverhead township or in a hamlet that borders a hamlet at least partially in Riverhead.