Community members and civic groups are concerned with the supportive zoning uses allowed at EPCAL:

  • A particular concern is Support Use #1 Residential.
  • Zoning enacted in August of 2016 will as
    of right allow 300 units to be built, with an unlimited amount of additional units if requested.
  • While the units are considered to be support to the principle use, nothing in the zoning requires the housing to be developed after the principle use is established or that the units remain developer-owned.
  • Housing at EPCAL will increase school taxes, police and rescue and infrastructure costs while deterring the ability to market EPCAL as a economic generator for the Town.

The subdividing and subsequent 

sale of land at EPCAL has long 

been anticipated to provide 

economic development to our 

Town. It must be carefully and 

diligently implemented in order

to realize this goal. 

EPCAL Update

The Town Planning Board held a hearing on the preliminary subdivision application for the EPCAL subdivision on 1/5/17.  The hearing was closed on that date, and the hearing record was left open for 10 days for written comments. This project would subdivide 2,323.9 acres of land into 50 individual lots for a mix of uses including commercial, retail, industrial, residential, recreation, and utilities. The subdividing and subsequent sale of land at EPCAL has long been anticipated to provide economic development to our Town. It must be carefully and diligently implemented in order to realize this goal.  

However, there is some concern that the necessary controls are not being placed on this subdivision approval. This is an unusual subdivision, in that it is not owned by a private party but, rather, by the Town of Riverhead itself. In addition, the zoning that was previously approved for this area is quite general and open-ended. Further, the infrastructure that would be required (roads, sewage, water supply, electricity, stormwater control) to support development is similarly not defined or specified, or installed. Providing this infrastructure will require significant expenditures by the Town. Permitting housing on the EPCAL site will place demands on the School District

The Planning Board members provided verbal assurances that these issues would be properly dealt with as the lots are sold over the coming years and decades. However, we believe that verbal assurances from current Town representatives will not be sufficient to ensure compliance in the future. We believe that specific written conditions must be placed on any approval of this subdivision so that they would apply to every lot as it is sold.

For the infrastructure costs:

  1. A payment to the Town for all costs associated with the lot's development prior to any construction.
  2. A requirement that all necessary infrastructure has been constructed and is operational before the lot may be used
    and occupied.

For the housing:

  1. A total maximum for the overall EPCAL site.
  2. A specific requirement that any housing is owned solely by the business that is operating on the lot and cannot be sold to any
    other entity.
  3. A requirement that the lot owner will be responsible for all School District taxes related to the housing on that lot.

For retail: 

  1. There should simply be none allowed.

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