Photo courtesy of Design Plus


Twenty years since the Navy gave Riverhead the Grumman’s site for economic development, the site’s promise has clearly not yet materialized. The Town is moving towards subdividing the land so about 40% can be sold for various uses and up to 60% can be preserved in a natural state. The Town has contracted a market study and adopted a Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS), in which the RNPC participated (see comments). Now they are moving onto the environmental study. The plan is to have a single environmental review of the entire site that would contemplate future development accurately (a tall order) so that individual plans that meet the zoning the Town Board later adopts won’t have to undergo any environmental review. This will go far towards achieving the aspired-to 90-day approval cycle the Town is intending to promise to developer.


The Enterprise Park at Calverton is basically the area of the former Grumman’s property that is already in use by some businesses, which the Town hopes will be expanded and developed further. This Navy site operated by Grummans was used for over 40 years for the development, assembly, testing, refitting, and retrofitting of Naval combat aircraft. Activities pursued on the property during that period included operation of paint shops, machine shops, vehicle maintenance shops, pest control shops, battery shops, print shops, electrical shops, boiler plants, wash racks, fire-fighter training; and degreasing and storage of oil and chemicals. Unfortunately many of these uses contaminated the site and the Navy is currently working on a remediation project with input from the community.