Two residents facing similar issues in their respective Wading River and Jamesport neighborhoods founded the Riverhead Neighborhood Preservation Coalition, also known as the RNPC, in September of 2009. With a mutual appreciation of the rural nature and the quality of life enjoyed by Riverhead residents within their hamlets and a belief that there is strength in numbers, they set out to find others who would join them to help preserve these precious commodities. The first civic association to sign up was the Wading River Civic and within the first year, all major hamlet civic associations had become affiliated with the RNPC. 

The RNPC quickly developed a strong working relationship with key environmental groups and leaders, with which it shares many common goals. Individual membership also increased exponentially during the first few years. In November of 2010, the RNPC became incorporated. In 2011,
it took the bold step of filing two Article 78 lawsuits in relation to two site plans, which by its estimation did not conform to zoning and, in one case, to state environmental law. 

Since its inception the RNPC has become a strong voice against over-development in the hamlets and against business uses and expansions that not only violate the letter of the law but that negatively impact residential neighborhoods. It has also evolved into a strident advocate for increasing government transparency and public participation as well as for improvements in municipal processes, zoning and codes.

About Us

We are neighbors and civic groups working together to preserve the quality of life and rural character of Riverhead. Member civic organizations include the Greater Calverton, Jamesport-South Jamesport, Sound Park Heights, Willow Ponds on the Sound, Old Vine Estates and Northville Beach. The RNPC also has the support of the Group for the East End and North Fork Environmental Council.

RNPC Board members:

Phil Barbato, Co-founder, President,
Jim Derenze, President, Greater Jamesport Civic Association
Mike Foley, Board Member, Reeves Park Civic Association
Linda Prizer, President, Northville Beach Civic Association
Toqui Terchun, President, Greater Calverton Civic Association 


To preserve the quality of life in residential neighborhoods throughout Riverhead as well as the rural atmosphere of our town by advocating for the protection of residential areas, open spaces and agricultural areas against uses and expansion that would negatively impact the residences and businesses in these areas and violate the letter and intent of the Riverhead Comprehensive Plan.

Above photos courtesy of Riverhead Patch