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If you are annoyed about the loud helicopter noise overhead, disrupting your days?

  • Call East Hampton noise complaint line 1-800-376-4817
  • Also call Eastern Region Helicopter Council at 1-800-319-7410
  • Fill out the online form at

Examples of the rapid growth of air traffic complaints in recent years:

  • In an eight month period, the East Hampton Airport has been reported to have logged over 14,000 takeoffs and landings.
  • New chopper services enable NYC passengers to purchase individual seats for about $500 or more.
  • Residents have voiced objections to passenger helicopters and other aircraft landing in farm fields and agricultural zones for winery tours.
  • Real estate agencies have offered select clients free helicopter trips from New York City  to view prime real estate on the East End.

Media reports that aircraft noise complaints have grown steadily as the rate of air traffic has increased.

A recent article in the Southampton Press  quotes a pilots group as saying that the EH airport passenger flights bring 77 million into the local economy.

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The Beginnings of a "Solar Roadmap" for Riverhead are outlined in PDF document that you can download for reference.

Read more here.

Go to the  EPCAL UPDATE page or click on the blue box below to read more.

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  • EPCAL.  We will continue to observe actions by the Town and T5, and to coordinate with EPCAL Watch.
    This amazing resource comprises acres of wetlands, land within the Peconic River Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers System (WSRRC) corridor and Pine Barrens at EPCAL. Click on the EPCAL UPDATEin the above menu or click on this link to read more.

  • CMA Mine. There has been no direct response to our recent letter to NYSDEC. The expectation is that the ENB will contain any announcements about public comments and the NYSDEC responses to them.  We will wait until early January.  If we do not receive a response, we will involve Suffolk County Health Services and the Town in another attempt at commenting. 
  • Aircraft Noise. Helicopter and other private aircraft noise is still an ongoing problem and is increasing.  Residents have sent letters to the East Hampton Airport and East Hampton Town Board.  In order to reach more citizens with background information and suggestions on how to contact the authorities, a memo will be drafted in early January, that each of our member organizations can send to their members and that we can post on the RNPC website. Click on the Recent News Menu tab above orclick here to read more.
  • Solar Farm Issue.  We realize that there are many types of solar installations, from private rooftop, to community solar, to electric company scale and there are some legal requirements for each. But solar power is in a state of flux that requires some thoughtful planning. A first draft of a "solar plan for Riverhead" will be prepared that will provide background on the types of solar projects that can be installed, the related land use and other regulations, and the recommended solutions for our Town.

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A Solar Roadmap

Open spaces, quiet hamlets, family farms and leafy neighborhoods are North Fork treasures we cannot afford  to take for granted. Riverhead’s rural character and quality of life are being eroded by the spread of excessive development and uses into places  where they don’t belong. We believe we can and must protect these precious commodities before they are lost forever.

Our best defense is an engaged and educated public that cares. Please read, think, learn and act!!

Concerned About Litter in Riverhead?

 Volunteer for Spring
Clean-up 2021
Saturday, April 17!

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Town of Riverhead Anti-Litter Committee
Spring Cleanup 2021

Pre-Registered Areas Throughout the
Town of Riverhead

  Saturday, April 17, 2021

Save 1050+ Acres from EPCAL Deal!

Helicopter Noise?

Recently Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law that prohibits the sale of personal care products that contain any amount of 1,4-dioxane in New York State, beginning December 31, 2022.

This vital new lawwill protect NYS public health from this toxic chemical exposure and prevent further water contamination in our drinking water.

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Read this new updated EPCAL petition and sign the online petition against the inclusion of over 1,050 acres in the EPCALsale.
Over 6,700 residents have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!

  • Comprehensive Plan.  The the Greater Jamesport Civic Association leadership has prepared a survey that will be sent to residents in the GJCA.  A copy of the survey will be sent to each member of the RNPC Board for review and feedback.  Once there is general agreement, each of us will share with our respective memberships.  In this manner, it is hoped that the Civic Associations will be able to provide valuable, and coordinated, input to the development of the Town's updated comprehensive plan. 
  • Calverton Area Water Supply Issues.  Greater Calverton Civic will obtain data and maps of the contaminated private wells in the area and, if available, a map of the known groundwater contamination.  Possible sources of information include Kelly McClinchy of Manorville and the LI Commission for Aquifer Protection
  • Lack of Ability to Participate in Town Hall Board Meetings. This topic was added at this meeting.  We will all provide examples where our own participation, or that of others, has been prevented by the Town. We will have links to all those examples as well as suggestions on how our participation can be enhanced. By highlighting this on the Blog, we hope to bring awareness of this issue to the Town Board.
  • Communication and Outreach. This RNPC Blog was initiated on the RNPC website to increase participation by the member civics and promote outreach to residents, It includes the 8 topics we have identified so far. Everyone is asked to review the current website for available information and make suggestions for changes or additions at our next meeting. We will feature links to each issue on Instagram.

Dear RNPC Members and Friends,

This has been an unusual and stress filled year. We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and happy, and finding ways to persevere in this pandemic. We look forward to seeing you, if only on the computer screen, and to have a meaningful discussion on how the RNPC can best advocate for preserving the quality of life and rural character of Riverhead.

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Dues are $50 for Civic Organizations (includes all officers) or $15 for individual member households.

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Thank You,
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Let's do all that we can to save the wetlands, forests, grasslands within the Peconic River Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers System (WSRRC) corridor and Pine Barrens at EPCAL!

NYS Enacts Law to Protect Our Water Supply