Open spaces, quiet hamlets, family farms and leafy neighborhoods are North Fork treasures we cannot afford  to take for granted. Riverhead’s rural character and quality of life are being eroded by the spread of excessive development and uses into places  where they don’t belong. We believe we can and must protect these precious commodities before they are lost forever.

Our best defense is an engaged and educated public that cares. Please read, think, learn and act!!

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North Fork Civics Roundtable 2/20/2019

Downtown Zoning

Helicopter Noise?

Dear RNPC Members and Friends,

The RNPC held its Annual Membership Meeting on November 30th at the Jamesport Meeting House, at 5:30pm. This year, we had the opportunity to combine our annual membership meeting with a meeting of civics convened by the North Fork Environmental Council (NFEC) at this historic meeting location. The NFEC's vice president, Mark Haubner, suggested that both our organizations can use this space for our annual meetings and to enjoy a friendly potluck dinner. This gave us a great opportunity to meet and communicate with our fellow civics in Southold Town and also to discuss community and environmental issues of mutual concern. The RNPC Annual Membership meeting started at 5:30PM and then we joined in the NFEC meeting at 6:30.

The NFEC announcement read, in part...

"Please join NFEC in our first ‘Civics Roundtable’ meeting. We are inviting one or two members of every Civic Association between Orient and Calverton to be a part of what we see as a necessary step in making our region one of healthy sustainability for generations to come. This is a broad issue review and coalition building event. We will have a (Windows) laptop, projector, screen and sound system ready for your presentation which should be about 5 minutes (or less!) which lines out your Top Three issues. We will follow this with a potluck dinner and discussion session. I expect it will be lively and fun.".

As a reminder, annual dues should be sent (if you have not already) to our address below. Dues are $50 for Civic Organizations (includes all officers) or $15 for individual member households. Goto the Join/Donate page to download and print an application. Or click here.

We look forward to seeing you there and to discussing how the RNPC can best advocate for preserving the quality of life and rural character of Riverhead.

Thank You,
Phil Barbato
Riverhead Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
PO Box 413
Jamesport, NY 11947

"What Can We Do? What Should We Do?"

Come join us on at the Jamesport Meeting House, at 6:30pm and share your thoughts on what you and your civic would like to accomplish  within the next 5 years, 20 years and beyond.


Jamesport Commons and DiNoto property. The County Legislature voted to approve the appraised values for the purchase of development rights for the rear portion and for outright purchase (for parkland) of the front piece. Legislator Al Krupski's office said an offer has now been made and accepted by the owner.  Click here for more background, 


Tax Breaks for Restoration of Houses in Historical Districts. Click here for more information.


Grapes and Greens.  The owner
has approval to build a cider processing facility, tasting room, and store.


Coverdale development.  This development could lead to higher taxes because of the tax-exempt status.


7-Eleven in Aquebogue.  The court case continues and the Town has hired a contract attorney and filed a motion for appeal.

News & Updates

Universal Healthcare

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A Community Forum on Downtown Zoning at Town Hall will be hosted by the Town Board on Thursday, January 31st at 6:00 pm.

The New York Health Act is the new  legislation that will guarantee healthcare to every resident of New York through a single-payer system. .

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Helicopter and other aircraft noise just above your residence disrupting your days and evenings?

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Contact RNPC

Mail: RNPC, Box  413, Jamesport, NY 11947. 
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